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For the great escape from the daily grind, our recreational deck gives you the room for boundless freedom to relax or recharge.

Environmentally-friendly, natural and personable, the activity sections let you catch up on your workout to burn off the calories, indulge in a great yoga stretch-out or swing into the mood of a dance lesson. You could also opt for a brisk walk or jog ‘n ipod session along the pathway of the open skyline garden where you get a glimpse of lush sceneries of surrounding sanctuary. Then bask by the pool or just chill out on the deck.

Cafeteria is the perfect hangout when you’re too laid back to drive out and much rather sip a piping brew as you seek respite. If you are exhausted and just want to put up your feet with a book or fire up on the game machine, be our guest.

There are so many refreshing ways to pace out that you will find yourself looking forward to come home at the end of the day.

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    Sky Lounge
    Yoga Studio
    Reading Room
    Children Playground
    Swimming Pool
    Wadding Pool
    Game Room
    Sand Pit
    Squash Court
    Multipurpose Hall
    Covered Walkway